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Medical Maintenance

Provides forward field sustainment medical maintenance support to theater units through Repair & Return of medical devices, and limited Calibrate & Return of Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment. Vendor services and parts are provided on a reimbursable basis. Refer to the Services and Support Section for more details.
The Medical Maintenance Division’s primary Logistics Information System (LIS) is the Global Combat Support System Army (GCSS-Army). All devices evacuated to USAMMC-K should have an open GCSS-Army Non-Mission Capable - Maintenance (NMC-M) work order. Any devices evacuated to USAMMC-K without an open GCSS-Army work order may be returned without service.
Devices requiring service should be forwarded to the Medical Maintenance Support Work Center: 6R1A0PN7

Refer to Forward Work Order - Support Work Center GCSS-Army Transition Guide for detailed instructions.

Location: Camp Carroll, Bldg. 711


Contact Info

Position: Chief of Medical Maintenance
DSN: 315-737-4449
Email: usarmy.carroll.usammc-k.mesg.medical-maintenance@army.mil

Position: NCOIC
DSN: 315-737-4360

Position: Inventory Management Specialist
DSN: 315-737-4364