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Potentially Compromised (PC) Vaccine

  1. If a vaccine compromise has been identified, move the vaccine to a working refrigerator/freezer and label as “DO NOT USE.” Steps to Take for Potentially Compromised Vaccines.pdf      
  2. Contact your Immunization Healthcare Specialist (IHS) for assistance with the reporting process for potentially compromised vaccine. To find the IHS for your region, you can use the Immunization Clinic Finder by searching for and then selecting your clinic site.
  3. Download and save the PC-TSMP Worksheet to your system. If you need additional space to list vaccine, please download the PC-TSMP Worksheet Continuation.
  4. Complete worksheet to include vaccine inventory, temp log data, and circumstances surrounding loss.
  5. Click “Submit by Email” button at the bottom of completed worksheet. This will send your form to USAMMA and your DHA Immunization Healthcare Branch IHS.
  6. Stand-by for vaccine disposition from USAMMA; do not use or discard vaccine. If released for use, place back in a verified working refrigerator/freezer. If not released, report loss per command/local policy and prepare destruction memorandum to destroy vaccine per local/state policy (Vaccine Disposition SOP 2024)