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Smallpox Vaccination Program (SVP)


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NSN Information/About
Smallpox vaccine has the following characteristics:

  1. National Stock Number (NSN): 6505-01-559-0815      
  2. Unit of Issue: One hundred 0.0025ml doses per 3ml multidose vial
  3. National Drug Code (NDC):
  4. Storage: Store product at 2 to 8 degrees C (35.6 - 46.4 degrees F)

The following is the list of ancillary supplies provided per 100 dose kit for the administration of smallpox vaccine, adsorbed.

  • 0.6ml of diluent in 3 ml vial (blue cap)
  • 100 bifurcated vaccinating needles, sterile
  • Expiry label for smallpox vaccine vial (red-cap)
  • 1ml, 5/8in., 25 gauge diluent syringe
  • Acambis informational CD
  • Anti-spill Styrofoam cup
  • (NOTE: All ancillary items to be stored at room temperature, this INCLUDES vial of diluent)

Vaccine Immune Globulin (VIG)

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