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Distribution Operations Center (VAccine)

The Army is the DoD Executive Agent for bio-defense vaccines. The USAMMA DOC provides coordination and tracking for select temperature sensitive medical products (TSMPs) in support of the Army’s Executive Agency status for bio-defense and Force Health Protection vaccines. The USAMMA DOC also provides training to logistical and medical units in suitable distribution and storage practices for TSMPs in support of the DHA Immunization Healthcare Branch and disseminates DoD Medical Materiel Quality Control (MMQC) and Army Medical Materiel Information (MMI) Messages. The USAMMA DOC has been tasked with the distribution management of the DoD Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP) and Smallpox Vaccination Program (SVP). It is also the Service Inventory Control Point for the Army’s Influenza Virus (Flu) Vaccine.   

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