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Strategic Readiness Programs

Readiness is the Army's #1 priority, and the USAMMA mission is in direct support of this priority. USAMMA supports several Army Medicine's centralized management programs and war reserves. These programs rely greatly on support from the defense industrial base to set and open operational theaters.

Since 2007, USAMMA has provided centralized management for the Army Surgeon General's Medical Materiel Readiness Program (MMRP), which consists of Class VIII (i.e., medical materiel). The MMRP is stored and maintained out of Sierra Army Depot in Herlong, California. On a quarterly basis, USAMMA biomedical maintenance engineers perform technical inspections and calibration on biomedical maintenance-significant equipment.

USAMMA continues to test and exercise go-to-war programs and strengthen acquisition strategies to deliver better solutions, more rapidly, to the Warfighter. With industry becoming more just-in-time in nature, USAMMA also seeks to leverage its depots and forward sites to provide "just in case" stocks.