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Medical Maintenance Resources

Medical Maintenance Reference Links

Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Offers BMET certification and other industry resources
National Fire Protection Agency NFPA 99 - Standards for Healthcare Facilities
ECRI Institute Healthcare technology and safety resource
Medical Education & Training Campus Military medical education campus at Fort Sam Houston
Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-A) Information system providing functional services in the business enterprise warfighting mission area focused on property book, supply operations, tactical maintenance, logistics management, and associated tactical finance functionality.
Integrated DAU Product Support Tools and Resources Defense Acquisition University Tools for various community functions.
Integrated Logistics Support Center (ILSC) Logistics Assistance Program (LAP) ​To contact the AMLC LAP by email: usarmy.detrick.amlc.mbx.ilsc-lap@army.mil

To request support from the AMLC LAP: https://forms.osi.apps.mil/r/L8Q7HP3yn4
Maintenance Expenditure Limit (MEL) calculator document Excel document that calculates the MEL based upon inputs from the user.  Also, provides a listing of ECRI codes and equipment device names.

Publications Necessary For Medical Maintenance Activities

The Common Access Card (CAC) may be required to access publications that are available from:

Publication Number Publication Title
AR 25-400-2 The Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS)
AR 40-61 Medical Logistics Policies and Procedures
AR 220-1 Army Unit Status Reporting and Force Registration
AR 700-127 Integrated Product Support
AR 700-138 Army Logistics Readiness and Sustainability
AR 750-1 Army Materiel Maintenance Policy
AR 725-50 Requisitioning, Receipt, and Issue System
AR 750-43 Army Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
TB 43-180 Calibration and Repair Requirements for the Maintenance of Army Materiel
FM 9-43-2 Recovery and Battlefield Damage Assessment and Repair
Pamphlet 738-750 Functional Users Manual for The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS)
TB MED 7 Maintenance Expenditure Limits for Medical Materiel
TB MED 521 Management and Control of Diagnostic X-ray, Therapeutic X-ray, and Gamma-Beam Equipment
TB 38-750-2 Maintenance Management Procedures for Medical Equipment
TB 43-180 Calibration and Repair Requirements for Army Test Equipment
TM 9-243 Use and Care of Hand Tools and Measuring Tools
SB 8-75 Series DA Supply Bulletins
SC 5180-8-A11 Tool Kit Medical Equipment Maintenance and Repair Set: Unit Level (NSN 5180-01-483-1431) LIN W45197
SC 5180-8-A14 Tool Kit Medical Equipment Maintenance and Repair Set: Repairmans (NSN 5180-00-611-7923) LIN W45334
SC 5180 8 CL A14 Sets, Kits, Outfits Components List, TOOL KIT, Medical Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Repairman's (NSN 5180-00-611-7923) LIN W45334
SC 6545-8-MC3 Medical Materiel Set Medical Maintenance Augmentation Army DEPMEDS (K324) (NSN 6545-01-299-8086) LIN M09349

Ensure that all technical manuals and/or manufacturer's service literature are available for each type of medical equipment on hand.