Logistics Assistance Directorate (LAD)


Logistics Assistance Directorate (LAD) establishes, staffs, and manages a worldwide Logistics Assistance Program (LAP) providing expert technical support to set and sustain operation medical capability for commanders through campaigning, competition, crisis, and conflict in response to large scale combat operations.
AMLC LAD is nested within Army Materiel Command (AMC) LAP (Army Regulation 700-4)


  • Provide technical assessment on unit medical systems and equipment
  • Identify complex technical issues and maintenance training short falls
  • Conduct unit level medical systems and equipment analysis identifying equipment accountability and sustainment degradations and trends
  • Provide training on medical systems and equipment promoting campaign readiness to set and sustain operational capabilities during competition and conflict phases
  • Provide technical/logistics assistance in support of equipment readiness to units when supporting National Training Center (NTC), Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), and local level training exercises


When contacting the LAP, please utilize the following instructions:
  1. Send your email to usarmy.detrick.amlc.mbx.ilsc-lap@army.mil
  2. Subject: “AFSB Location and Unit Name and Point of Contact (POC)”
  3. Identify your issue and requested support required in the body of the email.
Your local representative will contact you to provide the necessary assistance.



AMLC Headquarters Director,
Logistics Assistance Directorate 
Reginald Burrus
AMLC Headquarters
Deputy Director for Operation
(Hiring Action Pending)
402nd Army Field Support Brigade
Lead - System
Technical Representative
Ramon Pagan
403rd Army Field Support Brigade
System Technical Representative
David Mitchell
404th Army Field Support Brigade 
Technical Representative
April Bruce
405th Army Field Support Brigade
System Technical Representative
Vladimir Sequera 
406th Army Field Support Brigade
Technical Representative
James Kerner
407th Army Field Support Brigade
Technical Representative
John Callahan
Reginald Burrus, 
Director, Logistics Assistance Directorate

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