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About AMLC

Army Medical Logistics Command

The U.S. Army Medical Logistics Command (AMLC) is a new major subordinate command under AMC that activated June 1, 2019 and is currently in development.

The AMLC’s mission is to project and sustain medical materiel capabilities and data in order to build and enable readiness for the Army and Joint Forces across the full spectrum of operations.
The AMLC consists of a headquarters with three subordinate commands:
  • The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency headquartered at Fort Detrick with elements around the globe
  • The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center-Europe (USAMMC-E), located at Pirmasens, Germany and support EUCOM, AFRICOM and CENTCOM
  • The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center-Korea (USAMMC-K), located at Camp Carroll, Korea, and support U.S. Forces Korea.

Capabilities and Mission Execution

Medical logistics enables an entire system of medical readiness, from the deployability of service members in garrison to the delivery of medical care in an operational environment. Medical logistics is also functionally linked to medical product development and program management. As the AMLC develops, the command will work closely with Army Futures Command to ensure sustainment is considered during the development phase of materiel solutions.  The AMLC also will continue to coordinate medical logistics functions with the Office of the Surgeon General and the Defense Health Agency to facilitate an integrated health service support capability to the Army and the joint force.


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