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Our Business

USAMMC-E's forte is integrated medical logistics management:

  • Supply Class VIII
  • Clinical engineering
  • Optical fabrication
  • Storage and distribution
  • Assembly, disassembly and reconstitution of health related sets, kits and outfits
  • Medical logistics assistance and training

Our dedicated workforce accomplishes these functions through innovation and enabling technologies, especially in the area of automated information and communications systems.


USAMMC-E's highly talented and well experienced professionals are our key to success, today and in the future. Each person is a part of the USAMMC-E team and conducts business to the highest productivity standards to satisfy their customers while achieving strategic goals. The USAMMC-E team includes approximately 285 personnel, including military, civilians, contractors and foreign nationals. 

Chief of staff


Manages administrative services required to fulfill USAMMC-E's mission.

  • S1 / Human Resources Division
  • S4 / Logistics Division
  • S6 / Information Management Division
  • S8 / Resource Management Division

deputy commander for support

  • Materiel Surgical Division
  • Pharmacy/Laboratory Division

Deputy Commander for Operations


Provides Theater level Class VIII supply support to deployed and peacetime customers.

  • Business Support Office
  • Customer Support Division
  • Medical Materiel Division
  • Clinical Management Division
  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Clinical Engineering Division
  • Optical Activity Division
  • S2 / Security and Safety Division
  • S3/CUOPS/Training & Plans/FUOPS