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Direct Reporting Units


U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency

USAMMA provides worldwide operational medical logistics support, including fielding, sustainment and centralized management of readiness-enabling contingency programs. 

Capabilities and Mission Execution

USAMMA’s core capabilities are focused on medically equipping and sustaining the force.
Agency activities include:
  • Execute and manage unit-level fielding of medical sets, kits and outfits
  • Providing regionally located medical liaison officers (LNOs) who offer unit-level customer support
  • Building and reviewing medical assemblages
  • Providing depot-level medical maintenance operations
  • Supporting medical maintenance for National Guard units, centrally managed programs, and expert-level repair support in operational environments
  • Recapitalizing medical equipment
  • Calibrating special purpose Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Managing contingency programs, such as Medical Materiel Readiness Program (MMRP), on behalf of Army Medicine
  • Sustaining and handing off medical Army Prepositioned Stock (APS)
  • Distributing vaccines
  • Providing Cold Chain Management training
  • Providing technical business support and record system training
  • Managing and updating the medical materiel catalogue
  • Facilitating medical Foreign Military Sales (FMS)
USAMMA has three stateside Medical Maintenance Operations Divisions (MMOD), including:
  • MMOD-Tobyhanna (Pennsylvania): Audiometer calibration, optical equipment, dental hand-piece rebuilds, the Military Entrance Processing Station Direct Exchange program, and Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) lab equipment.
  • MMOD-Hill (Hill Air Force Base, Utah): Anesthesia, pulmonary equipment and field oxygen.
  • MMOD-Tracy (Defense Distribution Center in San Joaquin, California): Maintenance and calibration for medical imaging equipment and special purpose (medical) test, measurement, and diagnostics equipment.
Each MMOD location also provides medical maintenance support for its region's National Guard units.
The highest trained equipment experts from each MMOD also rotationally deploy as part of a team called the Forward Repair Activity-Medical (FRA-M). The FRA-M travels around the globe to provide expert-level training and support to unit-level biomedical equipment specialists.
Additionally, USAMMA provides medical logistics support for several Department of Army and Office of The Surgeon General (OTSG) readiness programs. These programs include the acquisition, storage, distribution and transfer of prepositioned stocks located ashore and afloat, as well as medical chemical defense packages and short shelf life pharmaceuticals and other materiel. As part of the force projection strategy, these programs contribute to the Army's ability to rapidly deploy decisive power worldwide. Both the Army and OTSG have established specific programs to support contingency operations. The programs are designed to work together to meet the needs of deploying units and include:
Army Prepositioned Stock (APS): 
  • Brigade/Unit Sets
  • Operational Projects
  • War Reserve Sustainment
The Surgeon General's Contingency Stock: USAMMA operations are worldwide and comprise approximately 450 personnel, including military, civilians, contractors and foreign nationals.


  • Fort Detrick, MD
  • Perry Point, MD
  • Tobyhanna, PA
  • Hill Air Force Base, UT
  • San Joaquin, CA
  • Sierra Army Depot, CA
  • Charleston, SC
  • Kelly USA, Texas
  • Germany
  • Kuwait
  • Japan
  • Korea

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Phone: 301-619-8701
Website: https://www.amlc.army.mil/USAMMA

U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center – Europe

The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe (USAMMCE) provides and projects medical logistics support across the full spectrum of military operations to the U.S. European Command, U.S. Central Command, U.S. Africa Command, and U.S. Department of State.

Capabilities and Mission Execution

USAMMCE serves as the Theater Lead Agent for Medical Materiel (TLAMM) for the U.S. European Command (EUCOM) and U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM). USAMMCE also provides medical materiel support for the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), which covers operations from northeastern Africa to southwestern and south central Asia. Additionally, USAMMCE serves as the Executive Agent to the U.S. Department of State for its medical humanitarian assistance program and provides logistics services to U.S. embassies throughout the world. In these capacities, USAMMCE supports more than 1,200 Army, Navy, Air Force, and Department of State hospitals, clinics, embassies, and field units.
USAMMCE maintains a warehouse inventory of more than 5,400 different items and a catalog of more than 53,000 different items. In recent years, USAMMCE has received annual requests for Class VIII materiel valued up to $153 million. USAMMCE also typically fabricates more than 60,000 optical pieces per year and receives more than 4,000 orders for medical equipment maintenance annually.
As the TLAMM, USAMMCE provides many of the services performed by civilian medical equipment distribution centers in the United States. The TLAMM is the provider of logistics, training, and innovation in medical materiel (i.e., Class VIII). As the designated TLAMM, USAMMCE serves as the single point of contact for medical logistics planning in the EUCOM and AFRICOM theaters and for Class VIII materiel movement into the CENTCOM, including customers currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. USAMMCE primarily provides capabilities in the acquisition, storage, and distribution of medical materiel, optical fabrication, and medical equipment maintenance.
USAMMCE also develops business improvements to better serve the needs of customers, such as advanced information management and logistics systems for medical materiel supply chain management and medical product requisitions.
The USAMMC-E team includes approximately 270 personnel, including military, civilians, contractors and foreign nationals.


  • Kaiserslautern, Germany

Core Competencies

  • Acquisition, storage and distribution of medical materiel
  • Medical maintenance
  • Optical fabrication

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Phone: 011-49-633-186-6426
Website: https://www.amlc.army.mil/USAMMC-E

U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center – Korea

USAMMC-K serves as U.S. Forces Korea (USFK)’s Theater Lead Agent for Medical Materiel (TLAMM) and provides medical materiel support to theater medical forces, ensures tactical units are integrated into the medical supply chain and assists the Combatant Commander in health logistics support planning.

Capabilities and Mission Execution

USAMMC-K stands ready to “Fight Tonight” alongside our Korean allies to defeat aggression on the Korean peninsula. In addition to serving the Army, USAMMC-K also provides medical logistics support to joint forces and the U.S. Department of State.
USAMMC-K manages two centrally funded programs. Including the medical chemical defense materiel (MCDM) and pandemic influenza (PI) stocks. USAMMC-K contributes to Eighth Army’s medical readiness by managing and fielding countermeasures used in the protection and treatment of Soldiers in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear attack. These counter measures include pretreatment, treatment, antidotes skin decontamination and Potency and Dated (P&D) items for the Medical Equipment Set, Chemical Agent Patient Treatment. PI stocks managed by USAMMC-K are centrally funded assets by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) and are intended to respond to a pandemic or other public health emergencies.

The USAMMC-K team includes approximately 150 personnel, including U.S. and Republic of Korea military, local Korean civilians, and Department of the Army Civilians.


  • Camp Carroll, Korea

Core Competencies

  • Acquisition, storage and distribution of medical materiel

  • Medical maintenance

  • Optical fabrication

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DSN: 215-737-4490
Website: https://www.amlc.army.mil/USAMMC-K



Serve as the Army’s Class VIII Life Cycle Management Command, delivering medical logistics, sustainment, and materiel readiness from the strategic support area to the forward tactical edge to increase survivability and sustain fighting strength.



The preeminent sustainer for global medical logistics


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AMLC Headquarters is located at:
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