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Welcome to the 6th Medical Logistics Management Center (6th MLMC). The 6th MLMC is a unique, one-of-a-kind unit in the Army. Our mission is to deploy, establish, integrate, and synchronize medical logistics operations in support of any Army or Joint Forces specified mission. We perform this mission using split-based operations; forward teams deploy into theater while the 6th MLMC base operates from the Continental United States.


The 6th MLMC rapidly deploys teams to provide strategic enterprise MEDLOG solutions and synchronization to Joint Forces in order to support theater-level and Geographic Combatant Command contingency operations and Defense Support of Civil Authorities


The premier Joint Medical Logistics Management experts, enabling MEDLOG forces across all echelons to successfully train, deploy, connect, and sustain worldwide theater-level requirements across all domains.

Ready deployable teams and a strategically-focused base capable of connecting multiple theaters, mission partners, and joint forces to the industrial base. 


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CONUS: 55-247 
OCONUS: 1-571-470-5546