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Medical Materiel Quality Control Messages

MMQC Notification Process for Medical Devices

USAMMA's Distribution Operations Center (DOC) sends over 20 MMQC’s messages for medical devices on a monthly basis to subscribed customers. Most of the MMQC’s require some type of action by the owning organization.


  • The process begins with the subscribed customer receiving the MMQC message and following the instructions and-or action(s) that need to take place (Subscribe to receive MMQC Messages here)
  • Currently, only Class I MMQC’s messages require an immediate receipt acknowledgement via the USAMMA website (withiin 3 working days).
  • Customers must access the DOD Immediate MMQC Message Receipt Acknowledgement link to proceed with the “receipt acknowledgement process."


The current receipt acknowledgement process does not gather information specific to medical devices affected by the MMQC message. The receipt acknowledgement is different from equipment status reporting. The Medical Maintenance Policies and Analysis (M2PA) division's MMQC Coordinator tracks the equipment status of all medical device MMQC messages until upgrades/corrections/replacements are completed (for all Army activities and TO&E units).


The USAMMA M2PA now offers multiple ways to for affected activities/units to report their equipment status for all Classes of Medical Device MMQC messages (including Unclassified and Informational).

  • Provide equipment status through Alerts Tracker on the ECRI website www.ecri.org if your region directed you to do so.
  • Email the USAMMA M2PA mailbox at usarmy.detrick.amlc.mbx.m2pa@army.mil 
  • Call the USAMMA M2PA at 301-619-2621/9507/3363. DSN 343.

For any questions regarding device equipment MMQC’s please contact us via
phone: 301-619-2621/9507/3363. DSN 343 or
email: usarmy.detrick.amlc.mbx.m2pa@army.mil