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Cold Chain Management

Online Training

The Distribution Operations Center provides both on-site and on-line training on Cold Chain Management (CCM) training requirements of Temperature Sensitive Medical Products (TSMP). This training provides state-of the art information on tools, techniques, equipment and procedures of moving pharmaceuticals within a narrow temperature range. As the subject matter experts for has a responsibility, this training is for ALL personnel who deliver or receive TSMP shipments and have access to where TSMP are stored, and/or administered. 
The cold chain management training known as the Temperature Sensitive Medical Products Good Distribution Practices (1 hr) training is available on Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) course number: DHA-US1149. (CAC authentication required). Please complete the survey at the end of the training and provide feedback to help improve the annual Cold Chain Management training requirement.
FACE-TO-FACE On-Site Training: USAMMA DOC will continue to provide face-to-face training when needed. USAMMA DOC team will travel to your location and provide hands-on training to include proper packing protocols for vaccine distribution or movement.  Please email: usarmy.detrick.usamma.mbx.doc@army.mil or call 301-619-4318 to schedule your next training.