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Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment

Acquisition Approval for TDA Units

The PD TMDE website has been taken off-line and will remain off-line until further notice. Therefore, PD TMDE is using a manual system (submissions via email with attachments to TMDE TEMOD Office for the staffing of DA Form 4062 and its required supporting documents. The TMDE request will include the following:

• DA Form 4062 (TMDE Acquisition Approval Analysis Data) completed IAW Appendix B of AR 750-43
• A signed approval memorandum for TMDE Acquisition (from the customer/requestor's local command)
• A specification sheet from the manufacture for the requested TMDE to be purchased and a quote from the vendor

Mandatory blocks for DA Form 4062 are 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 19 and 21a thru 21d. Please be sure information on all documents mentioned above are consistent, particularly those that are in DA Form 4062 blocks 3 (Nomenclature), 4 (Model/Part Number), 5 (Unit Cost), 8 (Manufacturer's Name), and 19 (Distribution/Quantity).

Once the request is approved the signed memo will be returned to the requestor. When the equipment is purchased and received, the "requestor" is responsible to verify that his/her command’s property book officer (PBO) appropriately entered the new equipment into the command’s property database. The “requestor” will then contact the P&A TMDE Specialist and provide the ECN and serial numbers for all TMDE purchased.

For any questions or assistance please use the above email address.

Acquisition of TMDE for TOE Units

Field or operating force units are issued specific general purpose (GP) and Special Purpose TMDE that are listed in their respective TOE or MTOE. A unit that is missing any of the required equipment must notify their property book officer and submit a request for a replacement at no cost to the requesting command. TOE units that require new TMDE in order to support an urgent mission requirement or ongoing mission that is not listed in their respective TOE or MTOE must submit an Operational Needs Statement (ONS) in accord with AR 71-9. Note that funding for purchase, support and calibration of the equipment is limited and will be the responsibility of the command that requested the TMDE.

The following files are references to the procedures stated above:
They can be accessed on our milBook Contents section under the TMDE category.

TMDE Register Establishing Account
TMDE Register Acquisition Request
Sample TMDE Request Memorandum
Sample description and specification sheet