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The MMIP is being developed by the agency to provide a centralized location to access USAMMA and U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA) medical materiel publications, and provide an integrated material Catalog Search and Army Unit Assemblage Search tools(formerly MEDSILS and UA For the WEB.)

With the sunset of Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Classic, the libraries for Medical Equipment Literature, Equipment Start-Ups and Unit Assemblage (UA) Handbooks have been moved to the Medical Materiel Information Portal (MMIP). MMIP provides a search interface for these publications, and each of the libraries will be continually updated.
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MEDSILS (UA for the Web)

The MEDSILS and UA For the WEB capabilities have been migrated to the MMIP and are now available as Catalog Search and Unit Assemblage Search
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Medical Materiel Quality Control (MMQC) Messages are managed by USAMMA's Distribution Operations Center (DOC), responsible for communicating recalls, hazards and alerts for medical products to DoD units.
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