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Maintenance Master Data File (MMDF)

Under the authority of HQDA ODCS, G-4 (DA G-4), the U.S. Army Materiel Command’s Logistics Support Activity (USAMC LOGSA) maintains cataloging descriptions and technical information on equipment items in a centralized database called the Army Maintenance Master Data File (MMDF). AR 700-138, Army Logistics Readiness and Sustainability, is the official guidance for policies and procedures as they apply to readiness reporting of Army equipment; and, the identification of readiness-reportable equipment and systems. The MMDF identifies the most current readiness-reportable equipment. The B table reflects readiness reportable items on the MMDF as well as items that have not yet been added to AR 700-138 due to regulation- update time constraints.

The USAMMA is the Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) for medical equipment items. The USAMMA Medical Maintenance Policies and Analysis (M2PA) division LCMC Project Manager identifies medical equipment and manages medical-device records listed in the MMDF. The goal of the M2PA LCMC Project Manager is to work with materiel developers and ensure that equipment is properly cataloged in accordance with applicable regulations. The M2PA submits equipment record changes to LOGSA/DA G-4 to add, delete, and implement necessary changes to the MMDF.

LOGSA publishes quarterly MMDF and list of reportable item (tables B-1, 2, 3, and 4, of AR 700-138) updates to the LIW website on a quarterly basis. These are published in the months of January, April, July, and October.

When using the list of reportable items for data analysis, ensure the most current edition is used to assure accurate results. MMDF data can be accessed directly through the LIW portal.

If you have questions concerning the MMDF, contact the USAMMA M2PA by e-mail at MMDF Managers at MMDF Managers, or phone: Commercial 301-619-3363/4373 DSN: 343-3363/4373.

For instructions on how to download the current MMDF as well as more information on the MMDF, click on the link to go to the USAMMA Medical Maintenance Policies and Analysis (M2PA) milSuite page milBook content page.