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Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) Property Control


PBO is responsible to establish responsibilities and procedures for the accomplishment of property transactions and local procurement transactions within USAMMC-K.

Each individual, sub-hand receipt holder or end-user, entrusted with the use of U.S. Government property is responsible for the care and safekeeping of these items.

Property, signed on temporary hand receipts or hand receipts, is the direct responsibility of the recipient who will be expected to:

  • provide and ensure protection against damage,
  • provide and ensure security against losses,
  • take protective measures against abuse and misuse of equipment,
  • maintain control over the accountability:
    • "Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss" DA Form 1659 and "Administrative Adjustment Report" DA FORM 4949
    • by sub-hand receipting, to the extent possible, property to end-users;
    • by ensuring that hand receipted U.S Government property will not be transferred or disposed of, without prior authorization from the Property Book Office.


 Request for Issue of Turn-in DA Form 3161
 Administrative Adjustment Report DA Form 4949
 FOI DA Form 2765-1
 Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss Register DA Form 1659

office supplies


There are two procurement methods that USAMMC-K PBO use;

GSA Procurement:

Those who need office supplies please fill out the form in (DA Form 2765-1) and submit it to us then we will purchase it through local SP#60 or GSA channel.

Government Purchase Card (GPC):

  • The GPC is an alternate method to purchase expendable/consumable supplies and services not to exceed the amount of $2,500.00 per single purchase.

  • Requests for non-expendable must go through the servicing Property Book Officer prior to purchase.
  • Prior to purchasing any items with the credit card, the purchase cardholder is required to submit a list of requested items to the installation Property Book Office, for review and, approval/disapproval.
  • Upon approval, the PBO will assign and internal document number to the list.
  •  After purchase of the item(s), the card holder will provide the PBO with a copy of all receipts/invoices originated by purchase card together with a copy of the approved listing.


DPW Coordinator


Those who need DPW support, please fill out forms listed below and submit it to us then we will contact Installation DPW and take care of your work orders or service orders.

Service Order : Demand Maintenance Order for Facility

Work Order : New construction or Installation for Facility,


TMP Coordinator

Those who need TMP services please fill out EA Form 571-E and submit it to us then we will coordinate with TMP and provide you TMP services that you requested.