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3 Ways Army MEDLOG is Sustaining the Fight!

Jan. 24, 2024 | By COL Gary Cooper, Commander, U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency
The Army’s most crucial resource is people. 

The U.S. Army relies on cohesive teams of Soldiers who are highly trained, disciplined and fit to fight and win. 

To sustain this fighting force, the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA) provides essential equipment and supplies that increase survivability and sustain fighting strength. Sustaining the fight is not only about the Army’s ability to prepare for war, but also our Soldier’s ability to outlast and overmatch adversaries. 

As a direct reporting command to the U.S. Army Medical Logistics Command, USAMMA delivers medical materiel readiness, synchronizing and integrating both strategic supply support and maintenance capabilities to enable global healthcare operations.

USAMMA sustains the fight through three primary functions: 

1. Sustainment-Level Maintenance

USAMMA’s three stateside Medical Maintenance Operations Division (MMOD) serve as Centers of Technical Excellence (CTE) for specific modalities of medical equipment. The MMODs provide sustainment level support for standard and select nonstandard medical devices to all Army components, authorized DoD activities, and other federal agencies. 

The MMODs include:
•    MMOD-Pennsylvania: Clinical (field) lab equipment
•    MMOD-Utah: Pulmonary, anesthesia, and oxygen concentrating equipment
•    MMOD-California: Medical imaging equipment, and Special Purpose Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (SP-TMDE)

2. Centrally Managed Contingency Programs

Army Prepositioned Stocks: USAMMA centrally manages medical materiel acquisition, storage, and distribution of prepositioned stock located ashore and afloat, including Brigade/Unit Sets; Operational Projects; and War Reserve Sustainment.

Unit Deployment Packages (UDP): USAMMA manages this Medical Potency and Dated (P&D) Materiel Program designed to provide unit’s basic load of medical P&D materiel with a shelf life of 60 months and less. Echelon Above Brigade (EAB) units, such as Hospital Centers/Field Hospitals, FRSDs or MCAS, may qualify for a medical UDP if they are deploying within the first 31 days of a declared contingency.

Medical Chemical Defense Materiel (MCDM): USAMMA sustains an initial issue inventory of consumable medical countermeasures against a variety of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) warfare agents. These assets are maintained for Soldiers and military working dogs that deploy in support of geographic combatant commands’ strategic and operational requirements. These CBRN warfare agents provide deploying medical units with the capability to treat and protect themselves and other chemical casualties.   

Medical Materiel Readiness Program (MMRP): USAMMA centrally manages this Army Medicine program consisting of 4 Hospital Centers (HC) at Sierra Army Depot in California. This program ensures medical materiel that requires significant levels of regular maintenance are ready to be deployed to support active and reserve units based on the needs of the mission.

3. Global Readiness Distribution

USAMMA’s Distribution Operations Center (DOC) coordinates the distribution of select temperature sensitive medical products  including force health protection vaccines and therapeutics (e.g., COVID, flu, anthrax, smallpox, etc.) throughout the DoD in support of the Defense Health Agency.

Health Service Support remains one of the key elements that make up the Army Sustainment War Fighting Function (Sustaining Army 2030 White Paper).These three functional areas are a key part of USAMMA’s worldwide support that enables our Army’s most complex and valuable asset -- People.