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Nomination packages due COB March 31, 2021

Dean Ohlsen Award of Excellence 

We would like to formally invite you to submit your nominations for the Dean Ohlsen Award of Excellence.
Retired SGM Dean Ohlsen dedicated much of his life to the advancement of the Army's medical maintenance career field over his 60 years of government service as a Soldier and Department of the Army Civilian. To honor his contributions to our community, the Army Medical Logistics Command (AMLC) awards program seeks to present the Dean Ohlsen Award of Excellence to individuals whose contributions have significantly supported DoD and AMLC HTM-mission objectives. 
The Dean Ohlsen Award of Excellence will be presented to three selected candidates -- one for each of the three achievement categories: 670A Warrant Officer, 68A Enlisted, and DoD Civilian. 
Each award will be conferred to the individual who epitomizes technical professionalism and excellence through contributions to the DoD HTM community. 
Submit all award nomination packages to the AMLC Awards Program Review Board by email to: usarmy.detrick.amlc.mbx.m2pa@mail.mil
You may also mail your completed award nomination packages to:
U.S. Army Medical Logistics Command
693 Neiman Street
Fort Detrick MARYLAND 21702
ATTN: AMLC Awards Program Review Board, 2E-137
All complete nomination packages MUST be received by the AMLC Awards Program Review Board no later than close of business 31 March 2021.
If you have questions, please contact CW4 Charles Judd, CW4 Reginald Burrus, CW3 Joshua Barto, or via their corresponding email.
We look forward to receiving your nominations and wish everyone the best.