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Medical Maintenance Policies and Analysis (M2PA)



M2PA Vision

To be the recognized leader of the DoD medical device maintenance community, providing strategic enterprise-level analysis, that is patient focused, creates policy synergies, and supports advancements in technology resulting in highly effective sustainment policies for the capabilities requirements development, acquisition process and sustainment maintenance.

M2PA Mission

To provide enterprise-level strategic medical maintenance analysis and policy development that is patient-focused, quality centric, and maximizes the Army’s global medical sustainment capabilities and readiness. The Medical Maintenance Policies and Analysis (M2PA) Functions provide the foundation for all operations that the M2PA performs in support of its customers.

M2PA Functions

1. Develop, draft, review, update, publish, and integrate regulations, forms, policies, programs, and processes that detail how medical-maintenance operations will meet or exceed Army single-maintenance standard requirements.
2. Provide enterprise-level maintenance analysis using institutional knowledge and associated information systems.
3. Assess tactical medical-unit maintenance operations and medical maintenance management processes; initial and sustainment training programs, and overall maintenance-program quality.
4. Serve as primary maintenance-policy Subject Matter Expert (SME) in facilitation of medical/non-medical Associated Support Items of Equipment (ASIOE) life cycle manager’s Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) processes.
5. Provide tactical medical-maintenance activity representation coordinating medical maintenance data and metric requirements with logistics automation developers.
6. Research, analyze, and adjudicate maintenance-related issues as defined in existing, newly revised, and proposed federal regulations, codes, and guidelines.
7. Serve as representative to the Army Program Director for Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (PD, TMDE) used for medical devices.
8. Provide regulatory and technical oversight for TMDE-SP (Special Purpose) calibration sustainment maintenance operations.
9. Provide enterprise-level data aggregation, review, and detailed analysis of subject matter in support (and future planning) of numerous Tactical Enterprise Logistics Systems (TELS).
10. Provide assessment, identification, and oversight of maintenance-significant medical devices alerts and recall messaging via the Modification Management Information System MMIS to the operational forces.
11. Serve as the  Maintenance Master Data File (MMDF) subject matter expert for medical devices fielded to the operational forces.

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