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About AMLC

Army Medical Logistics Command

AMLC is a subordinate command under the U.S. Army Communications - Electronics Command (CECOM), which is part of the U.S. Army Materiel Command. 

Serve as the Army’s Class VIII Life Cycle Management Command, delivering medical logistics, sustainment, and materiel readiness from the strategic support area to the forward tactical edge to increase survivability and sustain fighting strength.
The AMLC consists of a headquarters located at Fort Detrick, Maryland, which oversees three subordinate commands:


  • Medical materiel storage and distribution
  • Supply chain management and integration
  • Synchronized medical acquisition and sustainment activities
  • Contingency programs & prepositioned stocks
  • Medical maintenance
  • Industrial base partnerships
  • Vaccine and medication storage & distribution
  • Logistics assistance and training
  • Medical foreign military sales
  • Optical fabrication