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3 Types of MEDLOG Reps You Need to Know About

June 4, 2024 | By Reggie Burrus, Logistics Assistance Director, Integrated Logistics Support Center, Army Medical Logistics Command

As the U.S. Army Medical Logistics Command continues to drive changes to sustain and improve medical equipment readiness throughout the Army, the Logistics Assistance Directorate (LAD) is a key element in AMLC’s ability to support the Warfighter. This team provides a direct link to the AMLC enterprise through the Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB) and Battalions (AFSBn).

The LAD, based out of Fort Detrick, MD, is the command-and-control team for the global network of Logistics Assistance Program (LAP) personnel. Through coordination with AMLC strategic stakeholders, the LAD executes the day-to-day operations planning, tracking, and provisioning of LAP personnel and activities. The LAP provides expert technical support, training, data driven readiness monitoring and reporting to the operating force across all COMPOs. The LAP includes expert technical support to set and sustain operational medical equipment capability for commanders through campaigning, including competition, crisis, and conflict.

Located at Army installations throughout the operational space, LAP personnel synchronize AMLC strategic plans, goals, and objectives to ensure medical equipment capabilities are ready to deploy in support of large-scale combat and multi-domain operations. The team of technical experts develop relationship with unit personnel and strategic leaders provide valuable technical guidance, training, and assistance in identifying issues, recording and analyzing trends affecting medical equipment, while promoting self-sustaining readiness capability at unit level.

The LAP has technical experts serving in three different skill levels within the staffing model with specific roles and responsibilities in providing technical assistance toward maintaining and improving equipment readiness:

1.    Lead System Technical Representative (LSTR): The AFSB/AFSBn commander's single point of contact for the AMLC coordinating, integrating, and synchronizing AMLC objectives and resources with the AFSB/AFSBn Commanders concept of support for medical equipment readiness.

2.    System Technical Representative (STR): Designated as a critical multi-medical systems subject matter expert. Responsible for providing field level technical assistance, training, and mentorship to facilitate self-sustaining readiness capability for specialized, complex, medical systems and medical equipment sets at the tactical level.

3.    Logistics Assistance Representative (LAR): Provide training through hands-on and over the shoulder for the majority of the medical equipment fleet assisting stakeholder during diagnostic and/or troubleshooting procedures.

AMLC’s LAP serves as the “sensors to the force,” developing relationships with operational stakeholders assisting in identifying systematic and complex issues affecting medical systems, equipment, and associated materiel readiness. Standing on the principles of educate, enable, resolve, AMLC’s LAP is dedicated to educating the medical maintenance personnel and other stakeholders on their core responsibilities for medical equipment readiness to sustain and improve capabilities to fight and win tonight.

If you need help to operate, troubleshoot, repair, replace, or just have a general question on medical equipment readiness, the LAP is readily available to assist.

When contacting the LAP program, send your email to:  Please include your AFSB Location / Unit Name and POC in the email subject line. In the body of the email, please identify your issue and the requested support. Your local representative will contact you to provide further guidance and assistance.

Learn more about AMLC’s LAP by visiting: