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USAMMA DOC's primary focus with the DoD MMQC messages is to support the service specific logisticians, supply managers, and/or pharmacists in assuring the proper suspension of use, handling, and return of recalled materiel is accomplished.  USAMMA DOC is responsible for disseminating MMQC on behalf of the Defense Logistics Agency in support of the combat combatant leaders, deployed service members and MHS registered customers.


DHA MEDLOG has established the ECRI Hazard Alerts and Recalls (HAR) Notifications.  

Customers with questions with regards to the HAR Notification process please contact the DHA-MEDLOG, Chief, Quality and Optimization Branch at 301-619-9851, DSN: 343-9851

Message Search

Message Search

Message Subscription Management

MMQC Registration Page

USAMMA is accepting new subscriptions for operational forces or stockholders that are not able to register with ECRI.  These messages will not appear in DMLSS, will only be transmitted via E-MAIL and visibile on the search site above.

Message Acknowledgement

Message Acknowledgement

Customers can acknowledge CLASS I messages via E-MAIL: usarmy.detrick.usamma.mbx.mmqc-ecri@army.mil 

ECRI Subscription

Customer can request access and become a member of ECRI Institute to receive the Hazard Alerts and Recalls (HAR) notification.  In order to do so, please complete the following form:  ECRI User Registration Form

Once completed, please submit to your perspective agency for approval listed below: 

READ ONLY ACCESS: Customers requesting read only access can submit their forms directly via email to: usarmy.detrick.usamma.mbx.mmqc-ecri@army.mil.

POC for submission of ECRI Request (other than Read Only): 


Email: usaf.detrick.afmoa.mbx.sgmp-scs-alerts@mail.mil


Email: usarmy.detrick.usamma.mbx.mmqc-ecri@army.mil


Email:  usn.detrick.navmedlogcomftdmd.list.mmqc@mail.mil

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