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Modification Management Information System (MMIS)



Since enactment of ALARACT 113/2017 (Class VIII Medical Materiel Quality Control (MMQC) Message Distribution, Acknowledgement, and Reporting in the Modification Management Information System (MMIS)).  MMIS allows users of all levels to receive, confirm, complete, track, and assess the safety status of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medical supplies within a single messaging system.

Understanding MMIS

The MMIS utilizes a centralized database to facilitate automated, web-based message processing. In this capacity, it serves the Army’s coordinated process for development, application, and documentation of hardware and software changes that are made to end items, components, and information systems based on publication of Modification, Safety, and Class VIII message requirements.  This system assists users at all levels (unit through Army leadership) in determining the status of equipment end item and component modifications at the Serial Number (SN) level as well as non-serialized pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medical supplies.  MMIS is available through the AESIP Army Enterprise  for account holders with Internet access, a .mil e-mail address, a Secret security clearance, and an ability to login using a Common Access Card (CAC).

Authorized MMIS Access Level

As a MMIS user, your level of access is determined on the basis of information provided in your system access request justification; authorization is granted in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of the requesting user at time of initial registration.  Basic LIW account holders are automatically granted read only access to the MMIS.  Users can obtain MMIS Reporting User access by navigating to the LIW website (AESIP Army Enterprise ) and submitting a MMIS system access request.  Each unit should have more than one reporting user on hand to allow for continuity of reporting during any leave of absence.  Once access is approved, MMIS users can login using their CAC. 

P&A has created the following documents to help customers navigate the MMIS system accessed through the AESIP Army Enterprise portal:

  • Provide link to Milsuite for pdf, or pdf

  • Provide link to the latest MMIS Delinquent List Report in Milsuite

  • Provide link to the AESIP Enterprise Portal to access MMIS application

  • Provide P&A e-mail and phone information for questions and support