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Policies and Analysis (P&A) directorate


P&A Vision

Serve as the premier medical logistics resource enabling Sustainment capability synchronization while meeting evolving Warfighter requirements.

P&A Mission

Provide enterprise-level strategic medical materiel analysis and policy development in order to prepare, deploy, and sustain effective integrated medical logistics capabilities for the Warfighter.

P&A Functions

P&A directorate operates under guidance and constraints prescribed by the Army Materiel Command, Communications-Electronics Command, and AMLC as well as Army materiel policies. P&A functions are executed through creation, review, update, and revision of Army materiel policy; development and implementation of strategic initiatives, and through oversight of medical materiel acquisition and sustainment.  The following are core functions performed by P&A directorate divisions:

Performance Monitoring Division:
  • Medical Materiel Data Analysis. Provide enterprise-level medical materiel data analysis, participate in Integrated Product Review forums, and employ information management systems applications.
  • Data Management. Provide enterprise-level data aggregation, review, and analysis in support of current and emerging Automated Information Systems architectures.
  • Maintenance Master Data File (MMDF) Support. Provide consultation for medical device identification to facilitate accurate cataloging and coding; coordinate implementation of MMDF change requirements.
Policy and Standards Division:
  • Policy Documentation. Originate, review, update, revise, and publish MEDLOG technical communication products. Integrate applicable regulations, forms, policies, programs, and processes in a manner that details how medical maintenance operations meet or exceed the Army single maintenance standard.
  • Medical Logistics Policy Subject Matter Expert (SME). Serve as primary medical and logistics policy SME on behalf of the AMLC for all medical and logistics-related initiatives.
  • Medical Device Publications Control Office. Operate as a principal control office in support of the Logistics Data Analysis Center.  Provide guidance, analysis, and review of technical/administrative publications in facilitation of medical materiel development, modernization, and sustainment initiatives.
‚ÄčAnalysis and Modeling Division:
  • Maintenance-Issue Adjudication.  Research, analyze, and adjudicate maintenance related issues based on governing federal regulations, codes, policies, and guidelines.
  • Medical Maintenance/Management Assessment.  Assess tactical medical-unit maintenance operations and management processes including initial/sustainment training and quality-of-maintenance programs; identify capability gaps and recommend remedial improvement solutions maximizing medical device/unit readiness.
  • Medical Device Alerts and Recalls.  Initiate and provide Modification Management Information System oversight in support of medical materiel maintenance and supplies.
  • Medical Materiel Release Processes.  Provide consultation to medical materiel release authority.

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